Sponsor Ikaru Prepares

Mother Prepares Son

Bemp Recipient: Ikaruru's Grandson

Grandfather and Grandson

One Grandson Waits

Boy in Bird Attire

Birds, Waiting to Dance


Grandfather Ikaruru

Ikaruru's Grandsons

Gathering Palm Fronds

Palms Accumulate

Palms from Household Periphery

Birds Enter

Birds Dance through village

Birds, dancing

Birds, dancing

Birds, dancing

Birds, dancing

Ikaruru Lights Fire

Men Join Fire Making

Ikaruru At Fire

Grandfathers Prepare Fire

Preparing Fire for Boys

Fanning Flames

Boys About to Enter Fire

Observing Mothers

Mothers Quench Fire

Mothers Douse Fire

Fire Extinguished

All-Male Procession


Young Men's Procession

Men Chant, Village Center

Tiago Kayapo, Photographer